20 Minute Full Body Workout

Are you ready to SWEAT? Are you ready to TONE UP? Are you ready to FEEL GOOD and CONFIDENT?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

check out my high-intensity workout video HERE

Set 1: (30 seconds each) Burpees, Leg Raises, Jump Squats, TRX Pulls

-Repeat 3x

Set 2: (30 seconds each) Crab Walks, Ropes, Med ball slams overhead, Med ball slams side-to-side

-Repeat 3x

Set 3: (30 seconds each) TRX pulls, Plank side-to-sides, Slides: 5 tucks, 1 push up, 5 hand walks, Bicycles

-Repeat 3x

20 min

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