A Typical Day in Hawaii

My friend and I decided to skip a week in high school…

It was senior year, second semester… what did we have to lose?

I decided to tag along with my friend and his family to Hawaii. His parents were going there for a work trip, so we basically did whatever we wanted for four days! We swam with mantereys, saw gorgeous sunsets, hiked to waterfalls, and ate lots and lots of gluten free food! Although this trip had it’s downs too. My friend and I lost our friendship. Yep. Traveling often brings out the worst in people. It was difficult because I was stuck at the resort, with the beach two miles away. Because of this experience, I basically experienced Hawaii on my own. As a solo traveler. This brought me to hidden beaches, surfing in the rain, and of course… more gluten free food! Below are some of my adventures on the Big Island:)

For the video of my days in Hawaii, click HERE.

Wearing Sarah’s Day FASHUN Sweatshirt & posing;)
The beach at Mauna Kea resort
Breakfast morning latte (I only drink coffee on vacay)
I found this while running on an ancient trail along hidden beaches. I don’t know if it represents something spiritual… I just thought it looked cool


Fancy smancy gluten free dessert
Fancy smancy breakfast with a view! (And whipped cream on the side. The waitress knew me by the end of the trip and automatically brought me a side of whipped cream at every meal!)

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