How to be Active with your Dog

I know a lot of people who are not motivated to workout at ALL (I am a victim of this too!). Try doing exercises that you like. I am NOT a gym person, and can mayyyybbbee make myself go there once a week. I love running, swimming, hiking, yoga-ing, biking… anything that gets me outside! I made a lil video about fun ways to be active with your dog. Enjoy!

Click HERE for my Active With Dog video.4EEA7111-3230-41B5-90D4-CE612E9FEF94.JPG2377E7C1-80A3-4931-BAC6-1E4AA12B7237

A little about Jasper. He is a rescue, and he is half chocolate lab and half Weimaraner. He is around 7 years old as of August 2018. Oh! And he’s my best friend:)

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