Madrid, Spain

As soon as I graduated high school, I traveled alone through Spain for three weeks. My first stop was Madrid (thankfully only for one day, but super easy to travel gluten-free here!).

*For the YouTube Madrid vlog, click HERE.*

El Palacio de Madrid. A very cool museum inside. Some rooms had over 15 chandeliers! I’m holding my lunch from a gluten-free restaurant, Celicioso. I met my first friend there & she was my photographer here!


Inside El Palacio de Madrid. This is just the ceiling. The ceiling!
I randomly walked into this church.
La Plaza Mayor. Overrated x100.
There are a select few hidden gems in Madrid. I was walking along a touristy street and saw this alley next to it. The local is washing her clothes.
Happy because finally seeing nature in this big city!

I won’t make an effort to go back to Madrid, but I needed to experience it in order to know that. And it was still fun to see the crazy amounts of beautiful architecture and history this city has!

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