Two Types of Gluten-free Bread

Pamela’s is an amazing company that has many, many, mannnnyyy different types of gluten free mixes.

Below I share two rolls I make with their classic “Bread Mix.”


Numero uno: The lighter colored roll you see below is simple. I add nothing extra to the mix, (besides a little honey or maple syrup if you like sweet). It's simple and is good with cheese, butter, honey, sandwiches. An all-around versatile roll.


Numero dos: The darker roll in the picture above. I took the classic bread mix and added coconut sugar, vanilla, and maple syrup (to taste... depending on how sweet you like them!).

These were both devoured within a day in my family! Let me know how you like them!!

ANNNNDD as always #haveaperfectdayonpurpose:)


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