Scrumptious Veggie Wraps

These deliciously paleo vegetable wraps are perfect for ALL MEALS.

(I actually had these for breakfast…)

I used spirulina vegetable wraps from, but you can use sushi wraps, lettuce wraps, or even tortillas!


1 Wrap (I used Wrawps, but can use lettuce, tortillas, or rice wraps)
1/2 Avocado
Roasted Chicken or Tofu
Tomatoes, Basil, & Mixed Greens
My easy homemade cashew cheese (click HERE for recipe)

Wet wrap a little bit
Mash avocado on wrap
Add chicken & rest of ingredients


The key is to ROLL, then SQUEEZE, then REPEAT. 
At the end, add more cashew cheese so it helps the wrap stick.



This is so delicious and nutritious. It gives me energy for the day and makes me feel SO DANG GOOD.

As always, #haveaperfectdayonpurpose 😉 

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